In 2014 we started a brewery.

Under Master Brewer, Ken Arrowsmith, we have developed a core range of five beers, made the right way every time. This is supplemented by our Limited Edition range, where we push the boundaries on a range of styles.

Our beer is produced using state of the art DME brew houses and fermentation vessels at our Northbridge and Whitfords brew-venues in Western Australia. We recently commenced selling our award winning packaged and draught beer to national retailers, key banner groups and independent retailers.

Although we don’t take things too seriously, we do everything we can to make sure every beer tastes the way we want it to every time!

Beerland Brewing Head Brewer - Ken Arrowsmith



Ken has been responsible for some of the best beers in Australia. ‘Hopping’ between both Beerland’ brewpubs, Ken brews with great skill and finesse having a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chem). He is an active member of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) and in 2004, Ken was awarded the prestigious IBD Fellowship.

A legendary vet of the industry, Ken’s brewed for more than enough breweries throughout his lifetime including Tooheys, South Australian Brewing Company, commissioning and operating of The Old Lion Hotel in North Adelaide, Director of Operations at the Swan Brewing Co right where he started as an Assistant Chemist.

Ken and the brewing team have produced over 80 small batch limited edition brews in all trending craft beer styles and continue to produce the tight and approachable core range that has a vast loyal following.

Ken enjoys playing a bit of soccer, basketball, and even kite surfing – in addition to tasting beers of all styles and provenance.



In 2011, Andrew’s passion for beer led him to the team at Billabong Brewing in Perth, where he evolved his knowledge of craft brewing. Whilst managing the bulk of the Brew on Premise operations, he developed his palate and practical understanding of styles and faults.

Having been privy to the product development and subsequent brewing of Beerland Beer for the opening of Northbridge Brewing Company by Beerland, Andrew joined Ken Arrowsmith as an Assistant Brewer when the brewpub opened its doors in 2014.

Now chiefly responsible for the daily operations of the Northbridge site, Andrew applies his creativity to the research and innovation of new beer concepts. As well as co- developing the Beerland IPA, he is also the creator of James Street Juice, both mainstays in the Beerland portfolio.

Since qualifying as a Certified Cicerone® in 2018, he has taken a holistic approach to beer within the venue, running staff training programs with a real focus on education for maintaining and delivering quality to the consumer.

Andrew is an avid gamer and loves to travel the world with his long-time partner to experience beer, culture and countryside first hand.

Beerland Brewing Brewer - Andrew Dean
Beerland Brewing Brewer - Andrew Dean



Brandon Brooker is an accomplished homebrewer who has used his BSc in Biochemistry to not only improve his beers at home but produce consistently high-quality beers at Beerland.

He worked behind the bar at Whitfords Brewing Co for a year prior, volunteering in the brewery on his days off. Assisting with tasks such as kegging and cleaning on brew days, Brandon impressed the team so much he was offered a Brewer position at WBC in February 2020.

During his time at Beerland so far, he has produced quality brews such as Calamansi Crush West Coast IPA, Orange Bomb IPA and Pineapple Express Sour Saison.

Brandon enjoys trying all styles of beers to gain a better understanding of market trends but has a special love for Lambic, Belgian Trappist Beers and Czech Pilsners.


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AIBA awards since 2018

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Percentage of Pale Ale sold


Awards since 2018


Different brews produced

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Number of happy customers each year




Champion Australian Beer
(Trophy)/ Champion Fruit Beer (Trophy)/ Gold – Blueberry Clouds (Northbridge)

Silver – Lager (Northbridge)

Silver – Pale (Whitfords)

Silver – Easy Tiger (Whitfords)

Silver – IPA (Whitfords)

Silver – IPA (Northbridge)

Silver – Golden State (Whitfords)

Silver – Snozzberry Juice (packaged)

Bronze – James Street Juice (Northbridge)

Bronze – Persistence of Pine (Whitfords)



Best IPA packaged (Trophy)/ Gold – Mosaic SMaSH (Packaged)

Gold – IPA (Whitfords)

Gold – Blueberry Clouds (Northbridge)

Silver – Mosaic SMaSH (draught)

Silver – Easy Tiger (Whitfords)

Silver – Lager – (Northbridge)

Silver – Lager – (Whitfords)

Silver – James Street Juice (Northbridge)

Silver – IPA (Northbridge)

Silver – Birds of Paradise (Northbridge/ Two Birds)

Bronze – Pale (Whitfords)

Bronze – Golden State (Whitfords)

Bronze – Boysenberry Swirl (packaged)



Bronze – Session Ale (NBC) International Pale Ale

Bronze – Beerland Lager (WBC) Pilsner

Bronze – James Street Juice (WBC) New England Pale ale

Bronze – Beerland IPA (NBC) Modern IPA

Bronze – Beerland IPA (WBC) Modern IPA

Bronze – International Pale Ale

Silver – Beerland Pale (WBC) Australian Pale Ale

Silver – Snozzberry Juice (WBC) Fruit Beer

Silver – Off the Bine (NBC) Traditional IPA

Silver – Hivemind (WBC) Specialty Beer

Perth Beer Awards

Beerland Lager – Lager Draught: Bronze

Beerland Wheat – European Style Draught: Bronze

Beerland Pale – Pale Ale Draught: Gold

Beerland Pale – Pale Ale Draught: Silver

Beerland IPA – Pale Ale Draught: Gold (Trophy)

Beerland IPA – Pale Ale Draught: Bronze

James Street Juice – Pale Ale Draught: Silver

Calamansi Crush – IPA Draught: Bronze

Nightmare on James Street – IPA Draught: Bronze

Strawberry Rhubarb Tart – European Style Draught: Silver

Perth Beer Awards 2021

James Street Juice – Gold

Easy Tiger – Bronze


Beerland Brewing continues to produce award winning beer receiving 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 5 Bronze medals
as well as the Trophy for CHAMPION Pale Ale at the prestigious Perth Royal Beer Awards.
Another brilliant result for an outstanding portfolio of beers!


Beerland Brewing added to their plethora of awards at this years Australian Independent Brewers Awards.

The coveted list included a gold, silver and 6 bronze!


Beerland Brewing has beat 2,178 entries for its Wheat Beer to be crowned Champion Australian Beer
at the 2018 Australian International Beer Awards. It’s officially Australia’s best beer!

In total we received 2 trophies, 5 gold medals, 2 silvers and 4 bronzes!

Beerland Wheat - awarded Australia's Best Beer by AIBA in 2018
Beerland Wheat Beer
Beerland Pale Ale
Beerland IPA
Beerland Lager
Beerland Kolsch
Beerland James Street Juice
Beerland Calamansi Crush
Beerland Strawberry Rhubarb Tart
Beerland Nightmare on James Street
Beerland Rye of The Beholder
Beerland Acid Wolf