ABV: 5.0% —IBU:26
HOPS: Galaxy, Cascade


An aromatic blend of Galaxy and Cascade hops introduced at different stages of the brewing process, showcases aromas of tropical and citrus fruits balanced by a grassy hop bitterness. It has a light to medium body with a lingering finish that leaves you wanting more.
ABV: 6.0% —IBU: 40
HOPS: Centennial, Mosaic, Galaxy


This well balanced, slightly hazy golden IPA contains an abundance of Mosaic and Galaxy hops resulting in tropical, citrus and pine aromas and flavours. A solid bodied beer that takes over the palate with a firm bitter dry finish.
ABV: 4.8% —IBU: 24
HOPS: Wakatu, Saaz


The addition of noble hops to the kettle provides this lager with a crisp and refreshing bitterness. Imported German malts adds complexity and a subtle sweetness whilst staying true to the style of a classic lager – perfect for a hot Summer’s day. Or any other time!
Named after the locale of the Northbridge Brewing Co, our New England inspired pale ale returns. With all the hallmarks of a tropical fruit juice, pouring a thick golden haze with pineapple, passionfruit, orange and mango on the nose. A silky mouthfeel from oats and torrified wheat lend to a surprisingly dry finish, with just enough bitterness to let you know its still beer.



Hailing from Norway, Kviek (Pronounced Kwick) yeasts, such as the Voss Kviek that’s has found its way into this beer, have been passed from generation to generation in a long history of brewing tradition. This oddball yeast ferments explosively fast and hot leaving behind pleasant earthy orange esters. Whirlpool additions of orange peel and galaxy hops build a powerful citrus backbone while a substantial dry hop of Amarillo brings this Orange Bomb to critical mass.
Named after the locale of the Northbridge Brewing Co, our New England inspired pale ale returns. With all the hallmarks of a tropical fruit juice, pouring a thick golden haze with pineapple, passionfruit, orange and mango on the nose. A silky mouthfeel from oats and torrified wheat lend to a surprisingly dry finish, with just enough bitterness to let you know its still beer.
Our Japanese lunchbox sour is back and more appetising than ever before. Weinitially released this bad boy in early 2018 as our first large scale sour beer, with a combination of Australian and Chinese salty plums, and 15 percent sushi rice in the mash. Being just a little “salty” about another brewery since doing it better, we’ve refreshed it with the experience of our last 3 years of sour releases. Keeping with the theme, we’ve doubled down with the rice for a smooth crisp body, then kettle soured and fermented the beer with 100 grams per litre of Australian blood plums. Wrapping up the bright fruit acidity are late kettle additions of sea salt and kelp seaweed, finishing sour, savoury and colourfully refreshing. Itadakimasu!


ABV: 4.8% —IBU:12


Our crystal clear wheat beer draws from the traditional European style with aromatic hints of banana and subtle spicy clove. The low bitterness complements its soft mouth feel making this blonde brew both refreshing and approachable.
Seltzer, or what we might call Hard Soda here in Australia, has taken the US by storm, with craft breweries everywhere producing their own version of fermented and fruited, soft style beer. At Beerland, we’ve decided to bring it to the bar with a little bit more theatre, providing a very neutral low carb, low sugar, gluten reduced base beer. “We want you” to be the Alchemist. Infuse this refreshing solution with 3 delicious fruit flavours, served over ice with a fresh garnish and enjoy your spritzy, sessionable science experiment as a refreshing alternative to a vodka lime soda, sparkling wine or cocktail.
In the mid 1800’s those responsible for bringing the industrialisation of brewing to their home lands of Austria and Germany, set the modern standard for Vienna and Märzen Lagers respectively. Though the German Märzen was adopted as the official Oktoberfest style, both have always shared a history of bready malt complexity and noble hop spice. As Fest Beers have since evolved into paler beers more closely related to their Austrian cousins, we are celebrating the parallels with a Single Malt and Single Hop focus. Showcasing the flavourful simplicity of cold fermented European Lagers, this beer balances clean malt sweetness and sessionable booze with a crisp herbal hop finish. Prost!
The Calamansi, often compared to Yuzu, is a delicious hybrid of Kumquat and Mandarin and has long been a staple of Filipino cuisine. Prized for both its impressive aromatic qualities and its bracing sour but slightly bitter character, this unique green and orange citrus lends its aromatic character, along with a subtle acidity, seamlessly to this juicy but dry West Coast IPA.

A generous Cashmere dry hop reinforces these bold citrus notes while adding a fascinatingly complex bouquet of melon, lemongrass and coconut, making this beer one you are sure to crush!
You’ll be pretty in pink with this Contemporary Gose. Simply brewed with Pilsner and Wheat malts, kettle soured and then lavishly seasoned with Pink Murray River Salt Flakes and a sprinkle of hops. Dressed late in the ferment with 100g per litre of Strawberry and Rhubarb puree for some lively colour and homely sweetness. After pouring a deep hazy pink the strawberry presents itself immediately on the nose, while on the palate it’s a balance of sweet and savoury. Taking you along a promenade of flavour, with fruit punch up front and earthiness through the middle. The beer is harmonised by gentle salinity and acidity, leaning into a refreshingly memorable finish.
ABV 6.5%
We’re here to make Brut IPA ‘metal’… Stylistically it has similarities to NEIPA, low bitterness, lots of fruity hops etc. However, it’s intensely dry, very pale in colour and spritzy to somewhat mimic champagne. We’ve used German ‘Blanc’ hops for some grape and Elderberry notes along with the brand new Slovenian ‘Wolf’ for a tropical snarl and we also threw in some good ol’ US Citra to tie it all together. The result is a super drinkable hop forward beer you can smash down while headbanging to your favourite Dethklok album!!!

ABV 5.7%
Born from the provincial dawn of the Great Southern, Golden Hour is inspired by our good friends at BredCo in Albany. In true baker’s spirit, this Golden Semi Sour Pale is plentiful in rustic grain quality, gentle spice and bready malts finishing with a refreshing hint of tartness from the addition of a whopping 100 wholemeal sourdough loaves to the mashtun. A generous seasoning of Slovenian Dragon hops to the fermenter gives rise to spiced stone fruit, peaches and carraway. 24 hours in a day, plenty of Golden Hours to be had.
ABV 5.2%
Coffee, chocolate and roast characters without the intimidating colour. Cooper’s Schooner malt brings a rich full body while rolled oats provide a supporting creamy texture. Smoked malt adds another layer to the complex array of flavours. A beer thought experiment. Is it a pale ale? Is it a stout? Is it a dead cat? Ignore the science and trust instead in your senses.
ABV 4.4%
This beer is a paradigm shifter (as are most central European dark lagers). With all the deep mahogany colour of a porter or even a stout but the drinkability of a Pils, this beer was brewed to be sessionable. Malty characters predominate without being heavy or lingering and the bittering hops has been kept to a minimum, being suffcient only to balance the malt. Roasted characters are absent, ensuring this beer is easy drinking.
ABV 7.2%
Remember when IPAs were bitter? We do… and we’ve made a beer that hearkens back to the good old days of scraping alpha acids to your tongue and pushing your lupulin threshold to its breaking point. In the brewhouse, it was a regular old Westy with a massive bittering charge and a whole lot of Centennial hops, yielding resin and
grapefruit, but then… Enter The Dragon…With a fist of fury, new hop variety ‘Styrian Dragon’ was smashed into the fermenter, bringing elements of marjoram and ‘pine-orange’ to the mix. ‘Don’t Think, Feeellllll’
ABV 6.0%
How many hype words can we fit into one beer style? Let’s see, this beer is a ‘Dry-hopped Blueberry & Raspberry Sour Saison’ Not too bad. This beer has everything you want and never knew you needed, it pours a hazy dark magenta with a persistent ‘flamingo pink’ pillowy foam. The aroma explodes out at you with mixed berries, rose water and lime zest. While flavours of berry flesh, lemon juice and spicy pepper dance on your tongue. The Snozzberry tastes like Snozzberry!!
ABV 5.9%
Winter is here! It’s bloody cold, so what better to warm you up than a big, cozy, ugly sweater? This beer actually isn’t ugly at all, it pours a rusty brown with a fluffy persistent head. On the nose you’ll get lots of nutty bread crust and honey, the flavour is rich malt and bitter, resinous hops, with notes of milk chocolate, plum and dehydrated apricot. While it may not be ugly or a sweater, it’ll certainly help warm you up!
ABV 5.9%
A circus of prickly pineapple, melon and grapefruit greet the senses. As aromatics take flight, the palate is pursued by a malt arsenal of caramel biscuit and a fiery hop bitterness. Following toasty raisin and a smooth fullness lent by a handful of oats, this bright red liquid is laid to rest in a boozy crossfire.
ABV 5.6%
Originally brewed as a single keg release back in 2016, with a delightful blend of rye and specialty malts that lend caramel and biscuit spice to both the aroma and palate. Additions of Australian Enigma hops compliment the malt profile, prickling the nose with dank pine needles and hints of melon. Be wary of the restrained alcohol as the bold bitterness packs a punch worthy of the west coast.
ABV 6.7%
Juice Willis is back!! This time he’s bigger, badder and more bitter (also a little balder). Europeans aren’t the villains in this action-packed sequel, so we’ve given them a starring role, German Saphir and Slovenian Cardinal aggressively punch you in the face with aromas of pineapple sage and roundhouse kick your palate with crisp pear and banana lollies. Hoppy-Ki-Yay!!!
ABV 4.8%
All aboard the steam machine!! A ectionately nicknamed ‘Karridale Common’, we smashed this beer with loads of locally grown whole leaf hop cones from ‘Karridale Cottages and Hop Farm’. Their super fresh Cascades brought massive mango skin and dried apricot character to this malty, toasty lager, for a local, new world twist on an American Classic!
ABV 8.0%
Bursting with fresh orange, pineapple and nectarine perfume, following an absurd dry hop charge of Azacca, Galaxy, Vic Secret varieties, with a handful of Citra. A comparatively small whirlpool hop o ers a little bitterness to help balance the pleasant warming. Friendly amounts of caramel malts
in the grist, marry the hop citrus emphasising orange pulp, while rolled oats, torrifi ed wheat and lactose present the expected silky mouthfeel, making this boozy breakfast juice dangerously drinkable. Meooow!
ABV 3.8%
This dainty sour boasts similarities to rosé wine, thanks to a massive addition of Organic Lapin Cherries from ‘Cantrill Organics’ NSW. Pink in colour, light, refreshing and e ervescent, with notes of cherry, strawberry, melon and even citrus. The perfect beer for the non-beer drinker.
ABV 4.4%
The younger sibling of our popular Mosaic’s Beard XPA, this Extra Session Ale is brewed for summer and those who struggle to grow facial hair. A change up of hop combinations, sees Azacca and Mosaic varieties boasting guava and nectarine, atop some subdued caramel notes. Pouring a hazy, pale orange, the carbonation lends to gentle hop flavours and malty undertones, whilst the dry body and crisp bitterness leaves your palate refreshed and ready for more.
ABV 4.8%
Introducing our unfiltered, very pale, zesty and salty sour beer. Sounds like a very strange combination of flavours but we promise you, this beer is immensely refreshing and balanced. The use of flaked salt in an otherwise soft water profile balances out the acidity from kettle souring and the massive amount of grapefruit zest thrown in the fermenter leaves a bright citrusy finish.
ABV 4.8%
As purple as Prince’s guitar, this refreshing XPA features the Pea Blossom flower that adds some subtle floral & woody notes and of course vibrant colour. Accompanied by some bold US hops, expect some citrus and tropical fruit to blend in with a super dry, easy drinking finish.
ABV 4.7%
This kettle soured beer is clean & mildly acidic but howling at the moon with big floral and tropical fruit aromatics from a judicious dry hopping of Styrian Wolf. It’s a truly thirst quenching ale and will have you and your pack coming back for more.
ABV 7.0%
You won’t find any Paltrow remains in this rich lager, just loads of malty goodness with a new world hop twist. Even with all the cleanliness of a true cold fermentation and extended conditioning time, this beer is still full to the brim with complexity. The malt foundation lays down sinful notes of honey, toffee and toasted almonds. Just like a true-to-style pale bockbier but interwoven with subtleties of lemongrass, grapefruit and black currant from the envious Hallertau Blanc hop.
ABV 5.8%
The synthesis of a British Sweet Stout and classic English confectionary is immediately apparent. Aromas of caramel and gentle toast of specialty malts meet aniseed, with a whiff of coconut added to the FV. The creamy mouthfeel and low carbonation accentuate the full candy sweetness of chocolate and toffee. Rounded out by a mild roast coffee bitterness and liquorice spice from multiple additions of star anise.
ABV 8.4%
What happens when two champion trophy winning breweries get together? They reminisce about old friends from days they’d rather forget…and brew a Brut Double IPA that is jam packed full of fruity hops and fermented with loads of fresh passionfruit puree. Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Dainton Family Brewery, this beer is so dry and refreshing it’s like passionfruit flavoured sparkling wine!”
ABV 5.3%
Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Big Shed, this beer is a mash-up of styles originating from both America and Germany. Much like old mate Einstein, this beer is intelligent and classy but also a little mad. Inspired by the classic American amber ale we used heaps of Simcoe and Amarillo hops in both the kettle and dry hop. The rest of the beer though, is a tip of the hat to traditional German Dunkelweizen: a rich, bready, dark red to brown wheat beer featuring yeast characters such as bubblegum, banana and clove.
ABV 6.6%
We’re here to make Brut IPA ‘metal’… It’s the latest craze and we’re certainly jumping on the bandwagon. Stylistically it has similarities to NEIPA, low bitterness, lots of fruity hops etc. However, it’s intensely dry, very pale in colour and spritzy to somewhat mimic champagne. We’ve used German ‘Blanc’ hops for some grape and Elderberry notes along with the brand new Slovenian ‘Wolf’ for a tropical snarl and we also threw in some good ol’ US Citra to tie it all together.
ABV 6.0%
Inspired by the traditional fermented beverage of Russia called ‘Kvass’. We threw loads of handmade loaves of Rye Sourdough from our friends at BredCo, into our mash. Taking (a lot) of artistic license, we turned that delicious bready wort into a bold IPA. Expect notes of dank pineapple and bright citrus from a hefty dose of hops, but with an interesting malt complexity full of rustic grain. NOT just your ‘Run of the Mill’ IPA !!!
ABV 5.2%
This beer takes its inspiration from an Apricot Wheat beer on tap at the Sail and Anchor a long, long time ago. Though quite different to the beer that inspired it, this Belgian style Witbier takes full advantage of the creamy base of malted and unmalted wheat, for a solid fruit addition.
ABV 4.8%
Our new limited edition Dunkel (meaning Dark) Kellerbier features just the right amount of noble hops to balance the rich bready German malts, displaying notes of toffee, toast and honey. The beer finishes very clean and dry making a quaffable beer that can be enjoyed (like the Germans would) by the litre.
ABV 5.5%
In Named for fun, our XPA is as full of life as a brewer’s beard. At a slightly more alcoholic 5.5% ABV, it resembles an American strong pale ale. The Mosaic’s Beard is packed with more malt and booze than the Beerland Pale, but not quite as tropical or alcoholic as our IPA. This Extra Pale Ale is inspired by the fuller flavoured, heavily hopped ales, growing in popularity amongst brewers and consumers across the country.
ABV 4.7%
An obvious tribute to an outdated Austin Powers movie quote, Smoke and a Pancake takes the name in broader context and applies a whopping 15% German smoked malt and several litres of maple syrup to an American Brown Ale.